The right tool for the task at hand is essential for safe and efficient work. This applies to the workplace as well as in the garden.

Beginners may not know where to start, what tools to use. Below are eight elements that can serve as a solid foundation for beginning gardeners.

1. Gloves: Your hands will work hard, so it’s worth protecting them from calluses, blisters, splinters, insects, and dirt. Look for water-repellent gloves that are also breathable.

2. Hand Shears: Hand shears are essential for cutting branches, cleaning bushes, dead flowers, and various other tasks. Choose ergonomic, non-slip handles that make work easier. Rust-resistant, non-stick blades are also useful.

3. Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow can move equipment to garden beds or carry dirt, leaves, stones, and other materials around the landscape. A good wheelbarrow is strong but light enough to maneuver when it is full.

4. Loppers: Long-handled loppers are suitable for thick branches. The long handles provide leverage to cut branches an inch or more in diameter.

5. Hand trowel: A hand trowel is a handy tool that you can use to dig holes or dig up weeds. When purchasing a trowel, consider purchasing a hand-held garden fork that can aerate the soil and cut through roots.

6. Hose / watering can: Watering gardens is part of ensuring their health. That makes a hose and a watering can two invaluable tools. Invest in lightweight, stretchable tubing when storage space is tight. An adjustable nozzle allows you to adjust the water flow as needed. A watering can is an easy way to move water into pots and containers that are difficult to access.

7. Garden Knee: Gardeners often bend and kneel while working in the soil. This puts pressure on your back and knees. A comfortable garden servant with memory foam or one made of shock-absorbing material can relieve pain.

8. Garden hoe: Garden hoes work the soil, remove weeds, and perform many other tasks. A garden hoe can be used with a large shovel, trowel, and garden rake.

This list is just the tip of the gardening tool iceberg. Visit a garden center and speak to a professional about other tools that can be added to the mix.