Keeping your tools sharp and having a good pair of gardening gloves will make your life easier.

Benjie Sanders / Arizona Daily Star

It’s getting pretty hot out there, and gardeners all over southern Arizona are retreating into the house. While you’re inside, you might want to do some shopping. Here are some products that I have found useful in my garden.

Temperature / Humidity Sensors with Min / Max Temperature: Different sides of your garden have different microclimates, and knowing the minimum and maximum temperatures in the different places will help you plan your garden or figure out why this citrus tree is not thriving.

Sloggers: It’s true we don’t get a lot of mud here in southern Arizona, but these are still very handy. I wear them in my yard when I’m watering or digging and inevitably they get bubbly or dusty. I can take them off quickly indoors (or just outside) and I don’t have to worry about finding a mess inside. They come in many fun colors and patterns, from flowers to chickens to goats.

Rain gauge: In anticipation of the monsoon season (cross your fingers) there is a water level gauge actually just a container with measuring marks that you put outside to measure the precipitation. If you want to give it your all, check out this one. It is self-draining and transmits wirelessly to an indoor display.