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SAMBALPUR: Within a month, four new micro-composting centers (MCCs) will be built in the area of ​​the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation (SMC). Work on the new composting center with a capacity of five tons is in full swing. Two of the new MCCs will be set up in Khandual and one each in Larpank and Kainsir.

Sources said the SMC is setting up the new MCCs in response to public demand and the need to expedite garbage collection and disposal in the city. Every day around 110 tons of waste are generated in the city, 55 tons of which are biodegradable or wet waste. The waste is sent to the seven MCCs currently operating at two locations in Burla and one each in Durgapali, Chaurpur, Balibandha, Rasanpur and Silipathar. There are also six material recovery facilities (MRFs) in operation.

Production in the existing MCCs began at the beginning of the year and the compost produced, which is sold under the name ‘Mo Khata’, has met with a good response from the locals. Over 11 female SHG members and three superiors were hired to lead each MCC. The compost is sold by female members at a counter in the SMC office.

SMC law enforcement officer Subhankar Mohanty said that so far households on all wards are covered by the door-to-door garbage collection service. “We pressured 64 vehicles to collect rubbish from households. The separated waste is collected at the source, while the unseparated waste is brought to the MRF. Here the non-biodegradable waste is separated and the degradable waste is sent to MCC for further processing, ”he said.

The non-degradable waste is collected by MRF’s rag pickers and scrap dealers and sent to the cement factory in Bargarh, where it is used as fuel. Mohanty said the MCCs were helpful in disposing of the litter in temporary landfills. In addition, the composting centers secure the livelihood of many people. Three are plans to set up more MRFs soon, he added.